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We will take you
wherever you need
We will take you
wherever you need


We are changing the travel game
Montclair Car Service has been in business in Montclair for more than 30 years, providing both personal and corporate clients with reliable and comfortable rides. We have highly trained driver that can take you where you have to go, with peace of mind. There are many car services, but we are the one with reputation in town and around is second to none with competitive prices. The next time you need a ride, rather than call another car service and take a chance, go for the sure thing - call Montclair Car Service and arrive in style, comfort, and without stress.


John Tierney, West Orange
Montclair Car Service is...very good...it fits my needs. The drivers are very friendly. The dependability is outstanding.
Brendan Kean, Essex Fells
Time in and out, always on time. More importantly, safe, reliable, courteous, dependable service.
Joe Sanzer, Senior VP, Madison Grey
I have used Montclair Car Service for over 30 years, and their service and professionalism are superb! I have never missed a flight in all that time.
Steve Rust
Excellent service, very dependable and friendly drivers.
Shelly Murphy
Montclair Car Service is reliable and professional. I travel extensively and can always depend on them to get me where I need to be safely and on time. Thank you for a job well done!
Alan Ferguson, SR VP
I have been using Montclair Car Service for 8 1/2 years and have always been please with their professionalism and on-time service. I also enjoy the lively conversations about the stock market and politics.
Lisa Davis, MD
They are reliable, friendly and professional. I highly recommend them.
Sheilah Daly of Essex Fells
They are my first choice for New Jersey Car Service!
Amy Hirsch
I took great comfort in their drivers right away...they know the drivers and stories of their families. When you fly every week, it's great to land and see a familiar face, not just a sign with your name on it...I know I will arrifvfe home safely.